Tutorial, How to use the latest Liberty Reserve Debit Card

Published: 09th February 2009
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Over the past year Liberty Reserve has become a very popular payment system and has approximately 4,000 new account holders sign up per day.
I felt it was necessary to write a tutorial on the latest Liberty Reserve Debit Card which offers you a convenient and instant way to
access your funds using Liberty Reserve. I will assume you, like me, make money online using the Liberty Reserve payment system.
I had a need for instant access to my Liberty reserve funds and I would like to show you with a quick tutorial how to use the latest
Liberty Reserve Instant Load able Debit card.

Liberty Reserve quick reference;

Liberty Reserve is an online payment system and provider of digital gold currency (LR-gold). They are an offshore company incorporated in Costa Rica, launching their USD backed digital currency (LR-USD) in 2002 and they also have a Euro backed digital currency (LR-EUR). Their gold backed digital currency was launched in 2005.

Back in June of 2008 a company called DGC Community was in Development and created the Internet's first "instant load able" Liberty Reserve Debit Card.

Google search "DGC Community". Click on the top link of the search engine results to navigate to their homepage. If you are confused by the search engine result simply go to dgccommunity.com.

Here is a quick explanation of what the DGC Community web site is;

Digital Gold Currency Community web site is a dedicated team of professionals who provide the most current information about the Digital Gold Economy. They blog the most recent news about the ever changing Digital Gold Currency Industry. Their sources are mainly derived from credible online news articles.
Their blogs contain news and sometimes personal opinion. They are your single source for the latest online news regarding C-gold, E-gold, E-bullion, iGolder, Liberty Reserve, Pecunix, Perfect Money, WebMoney and much more! Included in their community you can also find articles about Freedom, Privacy and Gold.
They are dedicated to keeping members informed of every single aspect of the Digital Gold Economy. Digital Gold Currency Community is a unique concept by enclosing within the web site a custom made Instant Load Debit Card platform. Using this platform you can Instantly load a Offshore Visa Debit Card they provide free with your paid membership. Their preferred member payment of choice is Liberty Reserve USD. Once you sign up, they provide you the tools needed to make a substantial monthly profit with a Debit Card platform referral program.

Membership benefits;

* 2 year subscription.
* Pay for your membership using Liberty Reserve USD.
* You get unlimited access to the latest news, blogs and Internet articles regarding the Digital Gold Economy.
* You get a Free Instant Load able Antigua Prepaid Visa Electronic Debit Card using Liberty Reserve USD.
* Fund your Instant Load able Antigua Prepaid Visa Electronic Debit Card using Liberty Reserve USD.
* You get Free Fedex ground shipping of your Prepaid Visa Electronic Debit Card, tracking number included.
* Refer someone new and get a 10% bonus on Sign Up Membership fees, and Liberty Reserve USD Debit Card loading fees.

Now, lets go through the sign up process;

Once you are at the main index page of the web site click on the "Instant Load Liberty Reserve Debit Card Visa" logo on the top right.
This will take you to the join page of the web site. Next you will create your Username: and your Password: which will allow you to gain access to the site after you have paid. Next you will be transferred to the Liberty Reserve secure payment gateway. This is where you will pay to become a member of DGC Community which makes you eligible to receive a FREE Instant Load able Liberty Reserve Debit Card. If you want to pay later DGC Community automatically sends a payment link to your email address which has a 24 hour validity.

Once you have paid through the Liberty Reserve payment module you have instant access to DGC Community. You will need to check your email as DGC Community sends your password to access the web site instantly after payment has been made.

To login;

Now, go to the main index of the DGC Community web site. Located on the top right you will see a link Existing Members: Please login. Enter your Username and Password sent to you by email. When you pay for access to DGC Community you get a 2 year subscription to their web site. DGC Community will ship your Instant Load able Liberty Reserve Debit Card after you login and click "Activate Card". You will enter your name and shipping details in the "Activate Card" form to receive your FREE Liberty Reserve Debit Card.
From the form you will also upload one form of ID "Passport or Drivers License". It is my understanding that Visa requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who holds a Visa issued Debit Card.

Once you have filled in the appropriate information in "Activate Card" DGC Community will notify you by email and ship your Liberty Reserve Debit Card FREE via FEDEX, tracking number included. My Liberty Reserve Debit card arrived in less than 7 days Internationally.

After you receive your Liberty Reserve Debit Card;

Login to DGC Community and click "Fund My Card". You can now instantly load $1,000.00 Daily / $7,000.00 Weekly / $30,000.00 Monthly using the Liberty Reserve US Dollar payment module.

A good way to make money and get paid to your Liberty Reserve US Dollar account is to join the DGC Community referral program. Below is a quick overview how I make additional money using the Liberty Reserve Debit Card.

* Join Digital Gold Currency Community you will get a custom referral URL.
* Custom banners are included in the member area to assist your referral campaign.
* When you refer someone to the web site you receive 10% bonus on Sign Up Membership fees, and Liberty Reserve USD Debit Card loading fees.
* You are paid the same bonuses for anyone they refer, and anyone those people refer 3x's level deep!
* All referrals are paid to you at the end of every month direct to your Liberty Reserve USD account.
* Your referral bonuses could easily pay all your own Debit Card fees and then go on to return a substantial ongoing monthly profit.

Thank you for reading my tutorial on using the Liberty Reserve Debit Card. I hope you enjoy using the Visa Debit Card and instant access to your Liberty Reserve funds as much as I do!

Please see link http://www.dgccommunity.com/ for access.

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